2014 St. Ambrose Men's Golf League

Cossett Creek, Brunswick OH   (330) 225-7370

Important News & Updates!

Our 18th season is a wrap and what a season it has been!  Special thanks to all of our returning members, and our many new members this year!

Our outing was a success thanks to all of you, our volunteers, and those who donated prizes:
            - Jeff Trush for the  Islander and Hooley House gift certificates
            - Jack Hassett for the check-in gifts and golf balls
            - Pete Nuti for the Chipping Mat, Golf Ball Return, and Impact trainers
            - Dale Castro for the Hats, Shirts, Balls, and Umbrella
            - Craig Tobias and Seb Guk for the golf balls
            - Dave Riczo for the Umbrella and Balls!

If any of you have any suggestions for changes to the golf league season format, rules, the outing, etc., please take a minute to e-mail.  After all, it's your league!  Suggestions are always welcome.         

Enjoy the upcoming Holidays and I'm already anxiously looking forward to sending out an e-mail in mid-March announcing the start of our 19th year!

All of God's Blessing to you and your families!

danielwish@aol.com  Cell: (216) 337-6218

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