2014 St. Ambrose Men's Golf League

Cossett Creek, Brunswick OH   (330) 225-7370

Important News & Updates!

Our 2nd half  fourth week results have been posted. 

If any of you have ANY prizes that you could donate for our year end outing, please bring them to the clubhouse and leave them with my name on them.  Prizes could include but certainly are not limited to:
- Gift Cards
- Golf related items: Golf balls dozens or sleeves, hats, towels etc
- Misc: sport logo'd items (Ohio State, Browns, Cav's etc
- Any really any other item or cash donation that we can use towards prizes or check-in gifts

All prizes donated will help offset our prize expense budget and allow us to purchase fewer, but larger items for our year end outing.

A special thank you to Jack Hassett who donates every year, and has again  this year with 3 dozen golf balls, a few loose sleeves and wonderful items that we can use for free giveaways for player check-in during our outing this year.

Skins winners, PLEASE pickup your winnings from the envelope on the bulletin board. You'll see an envelope inside with your name on it.

I look forward to seeing many of you this Monday!

danielwish@aol.com  Cell: (216) 337-6218

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