2014 St. Ambrose Men's Golf League

Cossett Creek, Brunswick OH   (330) 225-7370

Important News & Updates!

Our year end outing is just over a week away and thank you to those who contributed prizes! Final tee times and groupings can be seen on the "This Weeks Matchups" tab on this site.

Our format for the outing will follow past years:
- Format is a 4-man scramble, from the BLUE tees, no other rules are in effect such as number of each players drives to use etc.  There will be contests on the course which everyone is eligible for:  Most-Accurate-Drive on #3 and #13; Closest-to-the-Pin on #2 and #17, and longest putt on #9 and #18.  The scorecards will also identify the course contests.  There are trophies for our scramble winners and prizes for the "most honest" team score, which translates to....highest score. Most-Accurate-Drive is closest to the line first, distance second. 

- Each player will  be allowed to purchase a mulligan, one per nine, to be used anywhere.  Cost for both: $2 and paid at the time of check in

- Make certain you arrive at least 40 minutes prior to your tee time. Go to the clubhouse and pay for your greens fees, pick up your cart and return to the pavilion area to check-in.  At check-in, the first player in the group will be given your teams scorecard.  This is the scorecard that MUST be used and turned in at completion of your round.  At check-in you'll also have a chance to participate in the putting contest.  This is the only contest on the course that you'll need to pay for.  $5 for 3 putts.  It's a 50/50 putting contest, so the winner will win 1/2 of the pot!  If you do register for the putting contest, you'll putt prior to teeing off on #1.

- Lunch will be served at the turn.  Hot dogs off the grill with a snack bag.  Drinks (Beer, Pop and water) will be available on the course courtesy of our beverage cart ladies.  There is no-charge for beverages. They may only allow us to have one cart out, so we'll likely have a few coolers at the pavilion.  If they do allow us to have 2 carts out,  we  may not have coolers at the pavilion so please make sure to "stock up" when they do come around!  Tips for the ladies are always appreciated!

- Upon completion of your round: Take your clubs to your car, return your cart, and return your team scorecard at the pavilion.  Dinner this year will be Rotisserie Chicken, with sides and dessert.  With all the renovations that were done this year at the course, new "working" grills were not one of them.

- Also check the prize table to see if you were the winner of a prize!  You're automatically entered in to the prize drawing at check-in.

- Once all the cards are in, we'll announce our outing contest winners and league team and individual overall winners as well. Then....you're on your own!

- Any remaining skins that were earned will be given out during check-in.

I look forward to seeing many of you on the 13th, and if you have any questions prior, please contact me at either of the below.

danielwish@aol.com  Cell: (216) 337-6218

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