2015 St. Ambrose Men's Golf League

Cossett Creek, Brunswick OH   (330) 225-7370

Important News & Updates!

We are about 4 weeks away from teeing up for 2015!

We still have openings for players who would like to play on Monday, and unlimited openings for those who wish to play on an alternate day.  Keeping in mind that is a MONDAY night league, we can still accommodate those who wish to be a part of the league but simply cannot play on Mondays due to scheduling conflicts. If you play on an alternate day, you will not get the league rate of $16 per nine including a cart. Rates can be seen by visiting: http://cossettcreek.com/course/rates/

Our league starts this year on Monday April 27th and will run through Monday August 31st in two halves.

If you are going to play on Monday's,  please confirm your spot in this years league, along with your partners name, and indicate your tee time preference from the below, but please check availability first by clicking on the "Member Info and Tee Times" Tab.
- 3:33 - 4:00  SLOT 1  (4 tee times)
- 4:09 - 4:18  SLOT 2  (2 tee times)
- 4:27 - 4:45  SLOT 3  ( 3 tee times)
- 4:54 - 5:21  SLOT 4 (3 tee times)
- 5:30 - 6:08  SLOT 5 (6 tee times)

If you would like to join and play on a day other than Monday, please drop me an e-mail: danielwish@aol.com

We have room for 1 more on our Rules Committee.  If you would like to be a part of this committee, please e-mail me at; danielwish@aol.com   Being a part of the Rules Committee does not take much time at all.  So far Rules Committee Members are:
- Dan Wish
- Mark Ballok
- Jack Hassett
- Jim Szalay

We have found a treasurer for this year!!!!  Special thanks to Dominic Simeone for volunteering to fill that important position!

Finally, if any of you have any questions, suggestions for changes to the golf league season format, rules, the outing, etc., please take a minute to e-mail.  After all, it's your league, we just manage it on your behalf. 

All of God's Blessing to you and your families!

danielwish@aol.com  Cell: (216) 337-6218

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